Summer Storms and Flooding

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We associate springtime as the season with frequent and heavy rain and summer with hot, sunny days and cloudless blue skies. The examination of weather trends in the Denver/Front Range area, however, demonstrates that it is becoming more common for us to experience a secondary “spring-like” wet season that begins as early as mid –summer and can last until late summer, or even the beginning of autumn. We certainly have been experiencing this weather phenomenon in the summer of 2014 with frequent, if not daily, heavy rain storms and multiple flash flood advisories issued throughout the area.

Although this rain is wonderful for our grass and helps to reduce fire danger, these storms can still have negative consequences for the people under them. Some people are forced to cancel outdoor plans, such as baseball games and BBQs. Others become uneasy when driving while dodging large reservoirs on the streets for fear of hydroplaning. These are minor inconveniences, however, when compared to the individuals who discover that their basements have been flooded from water entering their homes.

The staff at All Dry Water Damage Experts have been spending many hours this summer helping customers dry out and restore flooded basements brought on by the heavy rains in the area and we understand how devastating this can be. According to the weather report, we are not completely out from under the clouds quite yet. It is a good idea for all homeowners to be aware of the steps that should be taken immediately upon the discovery of a flooded basement.

Homeowners should contact their insurance company immediately to report the loss. The second phone call the customer should make is to an experienced water damage restoration expert, such as All Dry Water Damage Experts. These experts can assess the specific situation and start remediation as quickly as possible. Delays in mitigation could lead to mold formation which can lead to various allergies and illnesses, and costlier bills to restore your home back to a healthy condition. To avoid the formation of mold in the area, wet or damp areas should be dried out by a restoration company within 24-48 hours after the flood. In cases of extreme flooding, a water damage restoration expert can determine whether wall cavities may need to be opened or baseboards removed.

There are some steps that can be taken while waiting for the arrival of a restoration company. To ventilate the areas, any windows in the basement should be opened. Excess water can be removed with a mop or wet vac. If available, portable fans can be utilized to increase air circulation. It is important to note that a central furnace blower should not be used for this purpose if it was affected directly by the flooding.

Don’t hesitate to call All Dry Water Damage Experts if you discover your basement has been flooded. We provide free estimates and will get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

We hope all of our customers have a wonderful summer!

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