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We are sure you have a lot of questions about emergency restoration. Being experts in the disaster restoration industry, we have seen it all! Here are some answers to the questions we are most frequently asked by our customers. Feel free to call us if you have a question we did not answer below and we will provide you with an answer. We love helping our customers!

Water Damage

Water Damage

I have flooding at my property. What should I do?

The sooner you get help, the better! Time is a critical component in mitigating water damage at a property. Calling a professional water damage company like All Dry Water Damage Experts right away will help to reduce the damage to your home, the cost of mitigation, and the likelihood of health risks from mold. All Dry typically can arrive at your property within 60 to 90 minutes, depending on weather and property location, and can begin drying your property and restoring it back to normal immediately.

There are some things you can do on your own between the time you call us and the time we arrive at your property. We have compiled these water damage tips for you.

How will I know when my property is dry?

All Dry Water Damage Experts have precise specialized equipment to determine when the affected areas in your property are completely dry. We can show you this equipment and show you how we can tell it is completely dry if you are interested! Sometimes something can feel dry and look dry, but it is not dry!



I see something in my home that looks like mold. What should I do?

If you suspect that you have mold in your home, the worst thing you can do is try to clean the area up on your own unless you are certified in mold remediation. If cleanup is not done properly, it can lead to mold spores being spread to other areas of your home, making the situation worse.

The first step is to determine whether the substance you are viewing really is mold or not. There are hundreds of different strains and types of mold and different types of mold can be different colors and look very different from each other. Mold is typically found in damp areas and can be green, black, brown, orange, and even purple. Sometimes even when people cannot see mold, they suspect it due to smelling the musty, earthy odor that mold can give off.

If you do have mold infestation, it is important to get it remediated immediately as mold can lead to serious health risks, especially for people with respiratory problems, children and the elderly. The risks of breathing in mold spores can appear years down the road. All Dry Water Damage Experts have technicians who are certified in mold remediation. They will provide you with a plan not only to remove the mold from your property, but to ensure that it does not return. This plan will include the removal of the mold, use of antifungal disinfectants for mold, and encapsulation of the mold.

Is remediation of mold necessary?

Remediation of mold is necessary. One reason is that mold will gradually destroy the materials that it is growing on, which can cause costly damage to these building materials and furnishings. The second reason, which is most important is that mold can lead to various health problems. Mold produces mycotoxins. Mycotoxins produce allergens, irritants and potentially toxic substances that lead to irritations, allergies and other diseases. Certain types of mold, such as black mold, are especially dangerous.

Fire and Smoke Restoration

Fire Restoration

I just had a fire at my property resulting in fire and smoke damage. How can you help?

In many cases, trying to clean or repair damage caused by soot and smoke often inflicts more damage.  It is best to hire a fire restoration professional that can assess the damage and determine the best course of action to take in cleaning or repairing your damaged items. All Dry Water Damage Experts have the experience and equipment to restore your property after a fire back to normal conditions.

The Restoration Process

Restoration Process

How can I be comfortable knowing that the estimate provided to me for work is a fair price?

We understand people can be concerned when they are not familiar with a particular industry that they may be taken advantage of when they are handed the bill. This is a valid concern, as unfortunately there are many unethical companies out there who will take advantage of their customers to increase profit to themselves. All Dry is not one of these companies!

All Dry Water Damage Expert’s estimating and billing process always involves an accurate invoice that is easy for our customers to understand. We use a software system called Xactimate® to determine the price for each job, as it is the software approved by the industry we work in and is also the one every insurance carrier uses and approves. Xactimate® prices are determined by factors such as area of property affected, type of water for water losses, hours of work performed, and materials used.

You will receive a scope of service and bill that details exactly what tasks were performed and what materials were used, room by room. Any questions you may have about pricing will easily be answered by reviewing these simple and accurate documents and you will always know what you are being charged for.

I just called All Dry for emergency restoration services and am waiting for them to arrive. How is the restoration process going to look once they arrive?

One of our experienced project managers is going to manage the restoration process from start to finish and will be communicating with you and your insurance carrier during the whole process. The only difference in how the work begins will depend on whether you need immediate help or whether you would like to start the process by having a free estimate provided first.

If you call us and need someone to come out to your property immediately for a loss, such as water flooding your basement, we will immediately send certified technicians to your location so they can begin the process of extracting water from your property and drying, as time is of a critical nature in these situations. We are available 24/7/365 any time you need us! A project manager will be following up on these losses in a timely manner and guiding the process through the end.

We do offer free estimates during business hours which is helpful for customers who have emergencies of a less critical nature. A project manager will arrive at your property and assess the situation. Within 24 hours the property manager will email you an estimate for what it will cost to restore your property. When you decide to use All Dry Water Damage Experts services, a date will be set for the work that is most convenient to you. The property manager will be scheduling the technicians to perform the work, working with your insurance company, supervising and following up on work being performed, and communicating with you and your insurance company through the whole process.

I want someone to come to my home and provide me with an estimate for emergency restoration services. How much will this cost me?

All Dry Water Damage Experts provide free estimates to our customers during normal business hours.

I was told that I have to have my property tested for Asbestos before you can begin emergency property restoration on my home. Why do I have to do this?

Asbestos is a fiber that was formerly used for making incombustible or fireproof articles. Up until the 1980s it was used extensively in the construction of buildings, when it was then found to be linked to serious illnesses, such as lung cancer. If you have asbestos in your home or property and emergency mitigation procedures disrupts this substance, it could be very harmful for the health of you and your loved ones or employees. The Colorado Department of Physical Health and Education (CDPHE) requires that restoration companies, such as All Dry Water Damage Experts, test every property where we may be disturbing any material that could contain asbestos before we begin our work to ensure there is no risk. We often hear from customers that they would prefer not to take on the cost of the asbestos test because their house was built in recent years, but asbestos has still been found in building materials that were manufactured up to this date. Although asbestos has been banned for most construction, it can still be found in products such as floor and wall tiles, roofing and siding materials, and artificial fireplace fixtures and logs. Due to how serious the risk of exposure to asbestos is, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to any type of risk to your loved ones. All Dry Water Damage Experts adheres to the regulations for all substances, including asbestos.

If asbestos is discovered at my property, what do I do?

In most cases, as long as the asbestos will not be disturbed by the restoration work that will take place, it can be left in place. If there is a possibility that it will be disturbed, actions must be taken to either seal and cover it or to remove it completely. This must be completed by registered and certified asbestos remediation professionals as the laws regulate the removal of this substance. All Dry Water Damage Experts can provide you with referrals for professionals in this area who have earned our trust.

What do I do with the contents in my home while work is being done in my home?

This will depend on the loss you are experiencing. For smaller losses or losses contained to one specific area of your home or business, we can help you pack up contents from the affected area and move them safely to an unaffected area of your home. For larger losses where this option is not feasible, All Dry Water Damage Experts will inventory your personal property, carefully pack your contents up into appropriate containers, and store your contents in a secure storage facility until your property is restored. We do advise our customers to personally secure highly valuable items such as jewelry, firearms, and important legal documents.



Do I have to use the restoration company my insurance company recommends?

Although insurance companies are allowed to recommend restoration vendors they have a relationship with, you are not required to use that company. As a consumer, you have the right to choose the restoration company you prefer. All Dry Water Damage Experts, in over 20 years in business, have worked with all the major insurance companies.

How do I pay for your services if my insurance company is taking care of it?

Through the restoration process, All Dry Water Damage Experts will work with your insurance company. When the work is finished, the insurance company will typically send you the payment for our services, minus the deductible. Some insurance companies will pay us directly, but this is based on each individual insurance company.

Should I get estimates from several different companies for my insurance company?

It is not required by insurance companies that you get multiple estimates.

What if I don’t want to file an insurance claim?

It is at your discretion whether you want to file a claim with your insurance company. All Dry Water Damage Experts can work with your insurance company or with you individually if that is your choice.

Will my insurance policy cover water damage?

Your specific homeowner’s insurance policy will specify exactly what is covered. We find that most policies cover water damage from a broken pipe in the home, but typically water damage caused by rain and flooding (ground water) requires an extra rider to be covered.

Other Question


Does All Dry Water Damage Experts service my area?

All Dry Water Damage Experts will service any area in the state of Colorado.

I noticed All Dry Water Damage Experts are claiming to be IICRC certified. What does that mean?

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is a non-profit organization that establishes standards for the industry and provides certifications to restoration and cleaning companies in our industry. A restoration company that is certified by the IICRC, such as All Dry Water Damage Experts, is required to meet several criteria. An IICRC-Certified status firm must demonstrate proof of insurance, provide certification to all technicians, maintain a customer complaint policy and abide by the IICRC Code of Ethics.

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