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Marijuana Cleanup

All Dry Water Damage Experts Specialize in Cleaning up Marijuana Operations.

marijuana cleanup of grow operationsIf you have discovered that a property you are responsible for has previously been housing a marijuana grow operation, there are some important things you need to know, as these operations are extremely hazardous to the property and the residents in the home. Marijuana grow operations lead to structural problems, mold growth, and fire hazards. Oftentimes, the marijuana grow operation has been attempted to be cleaned up quickly without the help of certified professionals, which can lead to hazards existing years down the road.  It is important to make sure marijuana cleanup of grow operations is done properly.

There are many risks associated with a home-based marijuana grow operation. These risks include improper electrical installation to accommodate the multiple lights needed for marijuana growth, high levels of toxic mold spores and mildew, water lines that have been re-routed for watering of plants, structural damage due to high levels of moisture, toxic chemical contamination from pesticides and other chemicals trapped in the poorly ventilated, enclosed spaces, and strong, noxious odors.

The problem of illegal marijuana grow operations has always existed, but with the legalization of marijuana in the state of Colorado, the number of grow operations has increased significantly. This has led many property managers and landlords to have tenants sign addendums to leases which state the tenant will be required to pay a high fine if there is property damage resulting from a marijuana grow operation while they are leasing the property.

The Importance of Hiring Certified Professionals for Marijuana Cleanup

It is critical that marijuana grow operations are cleaned up properly. It is a guarantee that mold and mildew will be present with every grow operation. For a house with a previous marijuana grow operation to be considered “liveable” again, ALL mold must be remediated. This will require an air quality test before remediation efforts begin, as well as a test after remediation to verify the remediation work was done properly and thoroughly. We have seen some people try to avoid the cost of these fees and the costs associated with professional mold remediation, attempting to do the work themselves to save money. This approach actually tends to be more expensive in the end, as it requires an inexperienced person multiple attempts to remove all the mold spores, and if done improperly, can lead to mold spores spreading to other unaffected areas of the property.

All Dry Water Damage Experts have years of experience in taking on the complicated task of marijuana cleanup of grow operations that are found in homes. We specialize in the mold clean-up portion of the job. We take the necessary precautions during mold remediation to properly contain the affected area so mold spores do not travel to other parts of the home where they can start breeding new colonies. Air to this containment area is brought in from a clean area and then funneled to the outside so other areas of the house are not affected. We understand that mold can be growing in areas that are unseen to the untrained eye, such as in drywall, and under rugs and flooring. In these situations, rugs and flooring may need to be completely removed and discarded, as well as parts of drywall removed.

Other responsibilities All Dry Water Damage Experts have during marijuana clean up include the clean-up and disposal of equipment, lights, and plant debris that may have been used in the operation. Also, even after the actual marijuana plants have been removed from the home, a strong odor will still typically persist. All Dry Water Damage Expert’s certified technicians have specialized chemicals that will be able to treat these residual odors present in the affected area.

All Dry Water Damage Experts will take the lead in cleaning up the mold, debris, and odor associated with a marijuana grow operation, as well as connecting you with other trusted partners you may need, such as plumbers, air quality inspectors, and electricians. If you discover a marijuana grow operation in a property you are responsible for and have a need for marijuana cleanup, call us immediately at 303-478-6127 and we will return the property back to normal quickly and safely.

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