Reduce Water Damage When a Pipe Bursts

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During severe weather, so much can go wrong. The most critical being pipes bursting leading to water damage which can ruin carpets and cause damage to your ceilings and walls. Reducing your risk of water damage from a burst pipe is something every property owner should know. Here are three tips for both prevention AND knowing what to do in the case of a burst pipe. These prevention tips can prevent you from experiencing costly water damage restoration service fees.

1. Insulate & Seal Pipes

Freezing weather can cause pipes to expand and break. This is especially true of pipes in the attic, crawlspace, outdoors or other interior pipes located on exterior walls, which lack proper insulation. Seal any holes or cracks to the outdoors where there may be exposed piping.

2. Vacant Home Tips

Keep cabinet doors open, allowing warm air to circulate around pipes in the kitchen and bath. A slow trickle of water flowing through faucets connected to “at-risk” pipes will help keep them from freezing.

If you will be gone for a significant period of time, have the home winterized by your plumber.
For shorter periods of time, ask someone to go by the house. Let your neighbors know you will not be home so they can act fast in case of a water damage emergency.

3. Recognizing a burst pipe

Low or no water pressure can be a sign of a frozen or burst pipe, however water leaks are a clear sign. Do not thaw a frozen pipe with a crack in it.

If you have a burst pipe, act fast!

If a pipe bursts, even a small 1/8-inch crack can release 250 gallons of water a day. You must act fast to mitigate the water damage to your property and belongings.

1. Shut off the water supply. This includes the water heater supply.

2. For safety, consider turning off electricity if the water may come in contact with electric devices.

3. Contact a plumber to make a repair.

4. Contact your insurance agent to assist with water damage restoration to prevent further damage.

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