Water Damage in Home

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When a major storm passes through and when water damage in your home or business is not caught in a timely fashion, the building may suffer losses difficult to repair and may require mold extraction from a professional water damage expert.

First, before entering a building affected by water damage, check for safety.

1. Is the electrical power off?

Standing water mixed with exposed wires or plugged in electrical devices can lead to injury or death due to electrocution.

2. Are you wearing protective clothing?

Protect yourself against airborne contaminants with protective gear including, but not limited to, respirator masks, rubber gloves, eye protection and waterproof, non-slip boots.

3. Are there any serious health or structural threats?

Mold or decay can cause structural instability and health risks. Flood water can become a breeding ground for bacteria and if the water and moisture remain can cause mold spores to form. Professional mold extraction may be required to mitigate mold damage if the threat of these spores becomes too great.

Second, contact a water damage restoration cleaning expert.

A professional restoration services provider can quickly discover any safety concerns connected to the water damage in your home. Certified mold extraction and water technicians can locate hidden pockets of moisture behind tiles and walls that may not feel wet to the touch, but are causing damage. Additionally, if the water damage restoration cleaning expert locates mold or bacteria colonies, they will know how to remove the threat and speed up the drying process to prevent further growth. Mold extraction can include both chemical and non-chemical means. The water damage expert will know the right way to treat each mold case.

Third, get rid of any porous items that have come in contact with contaminated fluids.

For insurance purposes, be sure to document any and all items that are discarded due to the water damage. Items like bedding and mattress, pillows, particle board and more, will hold onto mold causing bacteria and will need to be disposed of.

Remember, water damage goes beyond just the seen and felt moisture.

Without proper inspection by a water damage restoration cleaning expert, the damage could continue to grow unseen. The clean up process will be faster and easier if taken care of early, when first discovered. Be sure to hire a water damage restoration cleaning expert that is certified through a reputable organization such as the IICRC (http://www.iicrc.org/).

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