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Infrared Inspections

Infrared Inspections: What The Naked Eye Can’t See

Thermal imaging is a widely used technology in many different industries, from medicine to the military. Basically, what the technology behind infrared inspections does is allow us to identify differences in temperature on surfaces.

Why is infrared inspection technology helpful?

Well, in the case of moisture intrusion, the affected area is generally cooler than an unaffected area, and can be easily seen with the infrared detection instruments that All Dry Water Damage Experts utilizes. The same is true for potential electrical problems, where heat can be seen in an area where a short may be occurring. All Dry Water Damage Experts use specialized thermal imaging instruments to help identify potential problem areas in a building that might go easily undetected by a visual home inspection and lead to unexpected fire and water damage.

What Thermal Imaging Can Tell Us

infrared inspectionsMoisture/Leak Detection in Walls and Ceilings –

Thermal imaging is an amazing tool used to help us identify subtle water damage in ceilings, floors, and walls. By discovering the differences in temperature between a dry area and the surrounding wet area, infrared imaging will assist in detecting moisture problems that would otherwise be invisible in a home inspection. This tool is also great in identifying surfaces where the insulation contractor failed to insulate properly. Thermal imaging tools are increasingly becoming the most covenanted piece of leak detection equipment in our arsenal.

Energy Audits –

Thanks to rising energy rates, larger numbers of homeowners are looking to take advantage of professional infrared inspection services in Denver. Through thermal imaging, All Dry Water Damage Experts are able to provide our clients with the most accurate energy audits, saving them large sums of money over the long haul. Heat loss and/or cold air inflows can be identified and corrective actions can be implemented to assist in improving the energy efficiency of commercial and residential structures. After the energy wasting surfaces are identified, changes can then be made to dramatically change the difference in energy consumption which translates to less money out of pocket.

Electrical Inspections –

Loose or filthy electrical connections and other deviations can cause power outages and the risk of fire. We can inspect the in question electrical panels and receptacles to identify any issues before they become costly power outages. Infrared imaging helps to detect hot spots in the electrical system which are not visible to the naked eye and which can lead to potentially larger and more serious issues. The resulting report provides a great aid in work for the repair electrician hired to fix the selected issues.

Plumbing Inspections –

Water leakages from traditional plumbing systems are often undetected, that is until major damage has already occurred. When we execute a full-scope plumbing inspection, we scan around the entire plumbing fixture inside the home to identify if any leaks currently exist. Since this instrument is not just a moisture meter, it will be utilized to find heat anomalies and then advance the issue further in attempts to determine the source of the leak. Infrared image scanning helps to detect temperature changes in the entire plumbing system not apparent to the visible eye, which may be a sign of a bigger issue. The resulting infrared imaging report poses as a great aid for a hired plumbing to hone in and address the issue.

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